Monday, February 25, 2013

Penelope again, RIP 24 february 2013

 I'm walking down that old lonely road babe, where I'm bound I can't tell (Bob Dylan, Don't Think Twice, It's All Right)
Ok, i decided it might not be such a bad idea to try to write this in English!

She was a cat who found her place in life.  Weak, skinny, dirty and abandoned, she found Roni (my niece) in the parking lot of a supermarket, I believe.  Roni took her home.  Later, for some reason I have either forgotten or never knew, Roni couldn’t keep her anymore, and took her home to my sister, who at that time was dealing with a very young doggie, Nikki.
In time, Penelope got her health and strength back, and after a few months was ready to get to know Nikki, a love, but very large dog (a mix of who knows what) with a lot of energy.   They chased each other endlessly.  You would have thought them eternal enemies… until you saw the evidence that it was a game.  When Nikki stopped chasing Penelope, Penelope was furious.  She would pester Nikki until Nikki took up the chase again.  Later, they even slept together, in my sister’s bedroom.
It wasn’t Penelope’s time to go; she was about 9 or 10 years old.  A very independent cat  -- is there another kind? – but every day she was outside waiting for Larry, my brother-in-law, to come home from work.  She was there in his parking space.  Of course, she knew the exact time he would arrive.
Penelope often visited the neighbors, an elderly Japanese-American couple, who would feed her.  Speaking of food, of course Penelope preferred Nikki’s dogfood to her catfood, and Nikki had to eat chicken freshly cooked by my sister, since Nikki doesn’t care for dog food.
I cannot imagine the next time I go to my sister’s house.  Penelope was buried in the backyard.
Life’s unfair.

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