Saturday, August 28, 2010

14 August

Those of you who knew our house in Alhambra know that across the street was a wall, the wall dividing us from the freeway. It was almost the wall that divided us from selling our house, as some people were afraid of freeway noise. It was a non-issue for us for 21 years.
And now we live across the street from a wall again. This wall divides us from... Nothing. Open fields and a forest a few hundred meters further up. The only noise is the birds, for the most part, the wind when it gets heavy, and the one car an hour that comes by, usually some workmen inside the community or security picking up/dropping off in their golf carts.
It just struck me, somehow, that we wound up with a wall again. We have a neighbor to our right, and 2 open plots next to us on the left, tho I think someone purchased them. Rumor (facts are hard to come by) has it that they will leave the plot closest to us as a garden, and build their house on the next plot. That will be good for us.
One more note: We have been defeated by rural transportation, or the lack thereof. It looks like we are going to have to buy a car.  It will make our lives much easier, if not simpler.   Oh well.

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