Saturday, August 28, 2010

7 June 2010

Excuse the impersonal email. I wanted to share some observations with friends and family, so here goes...
We're spending a couple of days in Bangsai, where we will soon be living. We're borrowing a friend's house right now. It's a 3 minute walk from our house, which is not quite ready inside.
It's really noisy here: no, not a single automobile (we're at least 1 km back from the highway). But birdcalls, other animal sounds (don't ask don't tell!).  I don't know anything about birdcalls, but I'm pretty sure I heard a woodpecker, not calling, but pecking.  Also, the mosquitos are very affectionate, showing their bloodthirsty love by kissing me repeatedly. I didn't return the favor.
It's very green here. The temperature, I would guess, is in the mid 70's (it's about 6.45 now) w fairly high humidity. It's actually quite pleasant.
I'll try to attach a foto from the back porch. Enough for now. It's torture typing all this on the blackberry.

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