Saturday, August 28, 2010

17 August 2010 -- bis

A friend commented on my last blog, helped identify my bird specimen, and led me to write this about addresses out in the boonies:
Thanks for the research. While I will admit the bird you sent has a ridiculous call, it is not quite as hilarious as my specimen. Also, I believe my bird is a little less endowed in the beak. I find it interesting looking at them--from a distance.
The house numbering system is weird here too. In the city it is sequential, but bizarre. Out here in the boondocks it is basically irrelevant. Only the post office finds it "useful", apparently working off some secret info not available to us plebes.  For example, my address is 101/46 Moo 5, Khaetok, Bangsai, Ayutthaya 13190. Okay, working backwards, the zip code is what it is; Ayutthaya is the province;  Bangsai is the municipality (sort of a county, but based around some sort of "urban" agglomeration);  ayutthaya and bangsai can be found on any map.  Khaetok is the district. I have yet to find a map showing districts. Moo is "village", so we are in village 5 of our district. 101 seems to be a plot number, and 46 is our house number -- but if you ask the security for 101/46 they will look at you as if you are crazy (even if you say it in Thai). You have to ask for N46, which is the number assigned on the internal map of our housing development.
Aha you say, at least they used the 46. Yes, but no. My neighbors, where we stayed the first week, are in 102/57, known affectionately (and if you want your laundry delivered) as A29.
Some day I'll find the secret map... If it exists.

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