Saturday, August 28, 2010

17 August 2010

Talk about using your resources!  At this moment our bedroom set is being delivered by three guys who showed up a little earlier than scheduled. They run between maybe 135 - 170 lbs, yet shlepped a bunch of heavy pieces in, of course, while taking their shoes off. They covered the floor in rugs and laid everything out to set to work.  They are about 65% done now, doing an amazing job, putting aside garbage carefully, no mess at all.  Just checked... They are almost done.  Incredibly efficient, and not a single bubba in sight (well, maybe me).
On another note, we discovered there actually is a mall in Ayutthaya, about 25 minutes away. It's not gigantic, but quite nice, anchored by Robinson, a department store chain kind of Macy-ish, and Tesco Lotus, the british chain that is a bit too walmartish for my taste, but it'll do, except for their supermarket, which I don't care for.  There's a pretty decent Se-ed bookstore, a thai chain found in many Tesco, Carrefour (french equiv) and Big C (another one) stores.
As a rule, big box stores are on the second floor with small retailers on the first, including restaurants.
Anyway, this mall is a great find.

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