Saturday, August 28, 2010

18 August 2010 Creepy story alert

There are certain notable moments in our lives that we usually don't forget. We don't remember our circumcision (well, you know who you are!), our first steps, proudly standing up and promptly whacking our heads on the coffee table. But we might well remember our first day at school, our first home run, goal, our first trip in an airplane, our first kiss.. okay that's enough.
One thing I never thought to remember happened a few hours ago.  I've spoken before of jingjoks, little lizards that love Thai houses. My friend Elsie from South Africa assures me they are geckos, but they don't look at all like the Geico mascot nor do they have Australian accents. Anyway, I don't know how they existed before people were here, because they love the inside walls of houses. I mistakenly thought that was limited to old Thai style wooden houses, fairly open to the elements. Well it turns out they like stone, brick and plaster just fine. They are by no means a plague, but occasionally you'll encounter one in the house, from less than an inch long up to 6 inches.
While they have some kind of suction to hang onto walls and even ceilings, occasionally they get distracted, or sweaty, or somehow lose their grip. This seems to embarrass them and as for us, well...  Today at our friends house, where we still have our food (fridge coming Monday), I was closing the front door from the inside when something bounced off my head, shoulder and the floor, scampering away, all 5 inches of him/her. Only one of us screamed.
Actually, I didn't mind, since they are totally harmless (not to insects), my only concern that he/she had not shat on my head. In fact he hadn't, so, no harm no foul. They crap in neat little cylinders. Fortunately there are none on our floor, so there will be no picture.
At any rate, it was an experience neither "Jimmy" nor I will soon forget.

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