Saturday, August 28, 2010

31 July

Well, now we're here "for real", and we got right into action. The second day we spent about 4 hours at HomePro. It's a kind of mix of the non-industrial parts of Home Depot w a good dose of IKEA and the home appliance dept of a large department store  thrown in. It's not equally strong at everything it undertakes, but it's a remarkable store. What makes it most remarkable are the employees. They are (sorry guys, the women more than the men) virtual encyclopedias of their areas.   Plus as we went from department to department, we had a retinue of employees following us.  The staffing is the opposite of US stores: you can ALWAYS find someone to help you. Actually, they'll find you. Not all stores are like this, but the service is usually excellent.   Everyone we dealt with there knew the answers.
And when we were done, since we had a rather complicated purchase, they sat us down at a table in the special orders department and plied us w water and coffee while waiting to figure everything out.
Okay, truth is, I would rather have been at a bookstore.

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